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May 18, 2004

Web Developer Favlets //

Shaun Inman, who is close in the race to become my new web hero a couple days ago posted a few smokin’ (read: extremely useful) web development favlets for your browser. For the uninitiated, favlets are typically small snippets of Javascript code which can be stored as bookmarks in your browser. Favlets can do things like adjust the size of your browser window, change elements on a site — really just about anything you can do with Javascript in general.

To add any of Shaun’s favlets to your browser bookmarks, simply drag the links on the page to the bookmarks bar and reorganize/customize as desired. Be sure to read through the comments for additional browser compatibility notes.

So say you…

Did you feel that breeze? It was this entire post going over my head. Sometimes I feel so… uninformed.

Dave Dave July 23, 2004

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