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March 31, 2007

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I’ve been meaning to rework my visual identity over the last little while after talking to a number of friends in the industry who told me the name and logo just didn’t “click” with them. So I took up the challenge the other day and hammered out something new that I think really nails it.

WishingBits logo update
The all new WishingBits logo

I mean really — all those bike racks in cities throughout Canada and the US that look just like the old logo — it just wasn’t good enough! I saw them and they didn’t even make me think “Wishingline”.

The identity needed a little something extra. That slowly evolved into the decision to change the company name too. And so a new company was born. Long live WishingBits! I’m confident the new logo and wordmark will turn things around and be a solid first step in worldwide brand recognition!

By the way, anyone need a cheap logo? $189 and it’s all yours!

So say you…


John Anthony Evans John Anthony Evans April 1, 2007

Wow its so beautiful tear…just a heads up though, that Dan Cederholm fella has stolen your logo ideas! It must just be a coincidence that he’s in your banner too… very suspicious.

Nice idea though, I hate Logomaid oh so much.

Karl Brightman Karl Brightman April 1, 2007


Ben Debnam Ben Debnam April 1, 2007

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