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Who is Scott and what is this all about?

All about Scott

Scott Boms - photo by Cris Mendoza
Photo by Cris Mendoza, 2019.

Scott Boms (that’s him in the picture above in case you were wondering) has been designing stuff using analog and digital tools for many, many years. Currently, the Global Design Lead at the Facebook Analog Research Lab in Menlo Park, California, he’s worked with organizations across North America and Europe such as PayPal, Masterfile, HSBC, General Mills, Hyundai, FiveRuns, Toronto Life Magazine, The Estate of Marshall McLuhan and Gingko Press, while acting as principal at tiny design consultancy, Wishingline.

Along with fellow typography nerds and designery people Luke Dorny, Grant Hutchinson, Carolyn Wood and Brian Warren, he founded Ligature, Loop & Stem an award-winning purveyor of limited edition typographic miscellanea which is currently on hiatus.

When not designing or tinkering on one of many devices, Scott can be found doodling, painting letters in the garage, reading, writing, taking pictures, listening to music, writing music and releasing records or actually attempting to have a life away from the internet with his wonderful wife, two beautiful kids, and good friends.

Recent-ish Press

Talks and Workshops

I occasionally share my love and curiosity of design and typography through talks and workshops. In the Analog Lab at Facebook I teach a regular introduction to brush lettering class and have taught classes on silkscreen and Risograph printing techniques at Facebook offices around the globe.

Events I’ve spoken or led on-site workshops at include:

About this Site

Since day 1 this notebook has run on Movable Type (oldskool baby!) and although it’s changed domains twice and moved around from one web host to another, it’s finally found the right home at Linode. They rock… and give control freaks just enough rope to hang themselves.

P.S. Scott is not currently accepting freelance design projects and apologizes for talking about himself in the third person. It’s weird, isn’t it?

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