2022 by the Numbers

I might describe two thousand and twenty-two as like being piñata: we all kept hitting it hoping something good would fall out, but instead finding the contents to be the most mixed of metaphorical bags.

I found myself splitting time between home and the “office” (whatever that is anymore), traveling more than I might have expected at the outset of the year, and things kind-of starting to feel normal again. The end of the year feels as topsy-turvy as the start, but also perhaps opened the door to a particular reset that I’ve only dreamt about.

There was also plenty of reading, writing, tv, movies, bike riding, Riso print making, walks with Maple, family dinners, basketball practices and games — and yet more COVID booster shots too. Despite having to fully re-integrate time in-office back into routines, I’ve continued to pursue a healthier balance of work/life throughout which ultimately may be the great achievement of the year.

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  1. COVID finally got me in November 2022. Thankfully it was a fairly mild case all things considered.
  2. I slowed down adding books to the Design Library this year to instead focus on back-end things that I wanted to get to a better place such as the first version of detail views.
  3. I officially beat my Goodreads challenge of 35 books in 2022 by just 1, but the truth is I also re-read a few books throughout the year that I didn’t include in that list.
  4. My tea consumption was down 11% compared to 2021. I suspect this is at least partly related to travel.
  5. I watched considerably more movies this past year than in 2021 — 32% more to be exact. I definitely went to the actual theatre more times this year. I saw The Batman twice, but the highlights of the year were the bizarre Brian and Charles and of course Everything Everywhere All at Once.
  6. Apparently I produced fewer Riso prints this year than in 2021, but that might also be related to the work I did to tune up the machine so I was producing less waste in the process.
  7. Commits to the git repo for this site were up over 440% from the previous year. Yowza.
  8. I was biking outdoors considerably less this year — only 62% of the previous years’ total miles, but made up for that by more than 2.5 times the amount spent on my bike in stationary mode.
  9. My knees and ankles were not so keen on running, so this fell by the wayside early in the year. Total miles run is only 2% of my 2021 total distance of 371. I’m ok with this.
  10. I walked about 10% more compared to 2021 with around 270,000 additional steps. Having places to go like the office and traveling are the likely contributors to the increase.
  11. I’ve cut back on magazine subscriptions as I’ve just not had the time to read them, though I’ve kept Pressing Matters and Communication Arts. The latter is now a digital-only subscription though.
  12. This over 400% increase of was definitely tied to the Hello, World project I completed this year despite the majority of those Polaroids not making the actual cut in the final work itself.
  13. A minor increase. My feelings about VR meetings hasn’t changed: they still suck donkey balls.
  14. A decent uptick of 166% compared to 2021. I attribute this to two main things: an intentional aim to host my own content, and also from starting to highlight some of my favorite new type releases throughout the year.
  15. Per the above, my use of Instagram as a sharing platform shrank further — 7 posts compared to 24 in the main feed over the course of the year. Might end up with zero in 2023 at this rate.