A Visit to Gehry Partners

A view across a large architectural model of Facebook's offices in Menlo Park at Gehry Partners in LA
A closeup view above The Bowl area in the building 21 model on Facebook's campus in Menlo Park, CA
Looking south along the Bayfront Expressway and the yellow pedestrian bridge in Menlo Park in the model of Facebook's offices designed by Gehry Partners in Los Angeles

These never-before shared personal photos from (I believe) 2017 were taken during an art planning meeting for then-Facebook’s MPK 21 building at Gehry Partners in LA. They show the scope of construction planned along the Bayfront Expressway in Menlo Park and new buildings designed by Gehry and his team. Furthest in the distance in the first photo is MPK 20, completed in 2015, barely visible due to its dense rooftop garden.

The bright yellow pedestrian bridge across the Bayfront Expressway opened during the pandemic in 2022. It connects the nature preserve (and Bay Trail) on the east side to a public park and the Bellehaven neighborhood on the west side.

I’ve sat on these photos for some time to hopefully cover any potential privacy concerns. Until recently, these models have been on public view previously within their respective buildings and so I feel like enough time has past to be comfortable sharing them in this setting.