Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

The medium is the massage by Mirko Ilic
Comic panels illustrated by Mirko Ilić, 2021 (New York)

This delightfully cheeky illustration from my friend — designer, illustrator, author, and provocateur Mirko Ilić arrived in my inbox about a week ago to a big smile. It was this particular book over which Mirko and I first bonded back in 2018, as well as his close connection to the late Milton Glaser who designed the McLuhan Estate's logo and whose studio was in the same Push Pin Studios building in NY for many years.

There’s something slightly unnerving about this image in my mind. The media (TV media here) as masseuse, but perhaps also as ever-present observers and collectors, forever peering over our shoulders; like a constant voice in our head or shadow we can’t evade. All media changes our environment and thereby also changes us.

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