I Take Full Responsibility — The Book

Hand holding a copy of the I Take Full Responsibility book against a background of Inter-office envelopes
A preview of the finished book, I Take Full Responsibility

Today at 10am PST I’m releasing the first edition of an important new book several months in the making called I Take Full Responsibility. It aims to act as a record of this particular moment in the venture-funded technology world of Silicon Valley through the lens of ten CEOs and the decisions made that led us here. Interspersed throughout are photos and artwork that illuminate those messages or perhaps cast those decisions and their sometimes predictable eventual outcomes in a different light.

This edition is only 35 copies. A small number, I know, but it’s an involved piece and one that required considerable effort to create and put together. It wasn’t intended to be easy — nothing worthwhile is.

The reaction when I first really shared this earlier in the week on Instagram was… more than I expected, so I am looking at a larger second edition. I already have some exciting new ideas with regards to the form of the second edition and am wrapping up the math to ensure I order enough paper :)

Form and Production Details

Each 36 page 6 x 9 inch numbered book was printed on Risograph EZ 391u and ME 9450u duplicators using black, bright red, sunflower, and metallic gold inks across five different paper stocks along with a screenprinted clear acetate cover that comes in two variations. The book also includes a pair of special laser-cut accessory pieces and will be delivered in a custom-printed and personalized Inter-office envelope — plus a bonus 6 x 9 print that riffs on a Silicon Valley classic.