In the Clouds

Risograph-printed image of the clouds over San Carlos, California
Detail of Risograph-printed clouds in Aqua and Bright Red inks

I’m working on a project at the day job where I finally came up with a solid way to bring my love of Polaroid instant photography into a large-scale installation. And so this has had me capturing images of the sky periodically both in preparation and planning this project, but also as a possible source for a zine idea that I’ve had floating (ahem) around in my head for a while.

This image was from a quick test print made this afternoon during a brief respite from the screen I’m otherwise chained to most days. It’s helpful for determining further curve adjustments that need to be made to the color separations. There’s also just something lovely and satisfying about the randomness in the Riso’s grain touch (stochastic) settings that I just haven’t seen matched in producing halftones any other way.