In the World of Giants

Max Webster is a band that, at least in my experience, have largely existed under the radar, including for many Canadians who were around during the band’s heyday in the late 70s and early 80s. Their songs drift between sweet and psychedelic. They’re odd, funny, but also poetic — largely thanks to the lyrical wizardry of Pye Dubois, the fifth non-performing member of the band, who coincidentally also co-wrote Rush’s 1981 mega-hit Tom Sawyer.

Although I’ve seen singer Kim Mitchell perform many times over the years — he had significantly greater commercial success as a solo artist during the 80s and 90s — it was only recently that I thought to look and discovered a trove of performances. Even with the often dodgy video quality, it’s been fun to rediscover these musical favorites.

For the uninitiated, highlights include tracks like High Class in Borrowed Shoes, On the Road, Rain Child, In Context of the Moon, Paradise Skies, Night Flights, April in Toledo, and Battle Scar — also a deep cut duet with Rush — to name just a few.

You can find a remastered collection of the band's entire discography on Apple Music and other streaming services.