It's The Little Things

Even before the current Situation, I had been sending some of the many Polaroids I’ve shot over the years to friends as a way to stay in touch and bring a small moment of delight to their day. I also happen to believe in the Postal Service, and supporting this essential service is meaningful to me.

Photo of Polaroid postcard collection
A collection of original Polaroid postcards waiting for recipients

As of today, I’m down to my last 10 Polaroid postcards and want to widen the circle of who might get one. Drop a note into my inbox with your name/address and I’ll write you a little haiku, draw something silly, or scribble a message. First come, first-served.

Although I’ll likely run out quickly, I have a few ideas to ensure no one is disappointed while I source more postcard frames, which may mean making some of my own.