Part A (Left Side)

Small postcards featuring rotated layers of an illustrated house, lettering in bright neon ink colors by Chris Fritton
Letterpress postcards printed by Chris Fritton, The Itinerant Printer in 2015

I bought one of these small letterpress cards from Chris Fritton, produced during his travels as the Itinerant Printer that surfaces regularly as I dig through my flat files inevitably looking for something entirely unrelated.

Chris visited us in the then-Analog Research Lab in Menlo Park for a few days and used that time to experiment with our handful of drawers of very miscellaneous type and our Challenge proof press, of course nicknamed “Old Facebook.”

Aside from just being fun to be around, I remember his keen desire to look just beyond the type itself, and as I recall, he mostly printed with our collection of furniture rather than the type, and ultimately used that to create what you might call more ambient, textural pieces than the type of images you in this photo.

For me, it’s just a little reminder to try to take something ordinary or obvious and to think about how you might turn that on its head to make something unexpected.

As an aside, I posted a photo of a photo from Chris’ book the other day on Instagram from this period and I had a few concerned messages from people about the future of the lab. It’s (knock on wood) not going anywhere, not anytime soon — not if I have any say in it, which I guess I do to a certain extent.