Pouring One Out

An illustration of a black gravemarker that reads 'I will not apologize this time' with a red rose laying in front with a few dropped petals

I’m at the end of production for the second edition of I Take Full Responsibility which has turned into more than just a second printing. The new edition has expanded to 52 pages (40% new content — a story in and of itself) and taken on a new size. And it also presented an opportunity to add a second complementary print that at one point almost became the title of the second edition.

That timing was serendipitous since it lined up perfectly with the release of the brilliant Regrets from OH no Type Co (alongside Displace), which happened to be the exact right thing for this piece. The included flower illustrations was the chef’s kiss 👨🏻‍🍳.

The second edition will be available (I think) in about a week’s time.