The Question is: What Will Break Next?

Red type that reads Move Fast with Broken Things against a light cream colored background that appears to have fallen apart and been battered or roughened up and cracked
A new single color 6 × 9 screen print, produced in an edition of 40†

I’m in the home stretch of the book project I’ve been working on for several weeks now. There’s only a couple things left to do before the next part. With a little luck those will both be done today. And because I seem to keep wanting to add to it, I spent a bit of time printing a small edition of this print which will be included alongside the book.

They’re connected — one influenced the other — and I suspect will continue to influence whatever it is I decide to make next. There’s a long list.

It was my friend and colleague Michele, riffing on the perennial Facebook classic, who used this to describe the current state: what’s normal now. But were things always like this and we didn’t notice, or didn’t care? More importantly, what are we, or can we do about it?

† In other news, I really need to get a better scanner.