There Will Be No Apologies This Time

A pile of copies of the book I Take Full Responsibility in red, black, and metallic gold ink piled on top of each other

I was planning to wait until Monday morning at 10am to officially launch the second edition of I Take Full Responsibility, but then asked myself why not now when I have literally have no reason to wait.

The first edition sold out in less than 24 hours and clearly hit even more of a nerve than I thought it might. And of course, we’ve all witnessed the continuing trend of massive layoffs and induced trauma since its original publication driven by the tech elite — with Dropbox and Lyft1 joining a not-so-illustrious group of organizations.

About the Book

The second expanded edition collects fourteen of the most significant communications from technology company CEOs since November 2022, who, during that time, have reduced their employee bases by huge swathes. Delivered in a custom inter-office memo envelope and accompanied by a personal introduction, photos, and artwork from more than ten years in tech, it’s intended to be a time capsule circumventing Silicon Valley’s short-term memory and a clear statement of fact that no matter how much you want it to, work will not love you back.

Produced in an edition of 100 hand-assembled books available here while supplies last.


  1. Not included in this edition as these happened just this past week and during final assembly of the books.