Through Lines 009

A wonderful look back at the history of Polaroid and the SX-70 camera. If you’re interested in learning more about Polaroid or even pick up a few tips on what’s possible with instant film, I highly recommend Polaroid: The Complete Guide to Experimental Instant Photography, Polaroid: The Magic Material, and The Polaroid Project.

  • The rot is real and I’ve (sadly) seen how it spreads.
  • I only joined the AIGA a couple years ago with the hope that, as a professional organization, it might be helpful in my career. I can’t say it has. And I will not renew if they fail to act to bring about the kind of change George suggests.
  • Good examples of the power of compound behavioral change which feels particularly relevant right now as cities begin to incrementally open up again.
  • Another new (now-finished) song from Michael Stipe, this time with some help from Aaron Dessner from The National and Bon Iver.
  • It seems crazy that these are optional, but thank you Apple.
  • Thanks for writing this Tanner.
  • Not gonna lie, I’m a little envious.