Through Lines 011

I saw a version of this talk from Petra Dočekalová on designer Jaroslav Benda last year at TypeCon and was immediately enamored by his work. I’m anxiously awaiting the English translation of Petra’s forthcoming monograph on his work.

  • There are no bad decisions.
  • One of the last interviews with Milton Glaser who continued to share spot-on insights right up to the end in talking about what brought about the I ♥ NY logo in today’s context – “Professional work guarantees results, and this has no guarantee, but we hope it opens the heart.”
  • Looom looks really intriguing.
  • I feel like our collective trauma has only been growing over the several years and is exaggerated by the fact that there’s no end in sight in 2020.
  • We need more stories like this right now.
  • If it’s ever possible to road trip again, I think I found where I want to end up.
  • Matter is a studio after my own heart. So much great stuff in their shop too.
  • This was the smile and laugh I needed this week.