Through Lines 016

Revisiting an old favorite — one that’s particularly useful if only to begin to understand how to look at some of what’s going on in the world today. Let’s just call Gillian Anderson’s narration a nice bonus.

  • The final six issues of Emigre magazine published with Princeton Architectural Press between 2003 – 2005 have now been generously made available for download. You’ve got some reading to do.
  • A pair of socially distant deep cuts from The Wall by Roger Waters and his band.
  • This Letterform Archive virtual event with Emory Douglass will be one to watch.
  • Good tips. Saving for future reference depending on how November pans out…
  • I’m pretty keen on Aglet Mono from XYZ Type.
  • And along the same lines, Recursive from Arrow Type.
  • Bill is a dream to work with, just FYI.
  • What to listen to next after folklore.