Through Lines 025

I’ll always have a soft spot for Hayden Desser. He’s one of those musical constants for me and has been for more than 20 years. I used to see him around Toronto all the time, and my friends and I would regularly joke about him turning up at the shows we went to, which he almost always did.

  • When Yes means No. This feels even more important than ever right now.
  • I’m coming out of a bit of a pandemic meltdown myself, so this is particularly timely.
  • Thanks Colly for writing about the Losing My Religion episode of Song Exploder. I had a nearly identical response. It’s a song I’m so used to hearing that I rarely hear it anymore, but the show gave it a whole new kind of life and meaning. Plus — Bill Berry!
  • Another winner of a single from Sharon Van Etten — Let Go. A few melodic moments have a nice Time After Time vibe.
  • More Bob Mortimer on Taskmaster? Yes, please sir.
  • Although I increasingly prefer having control over my own content, I (mostly) dig this new branding for Medium by Brian Collins and crew. Lots of expression in those type-based animations and it’ll be interesting to see where that all leads as it’s implemented. The one thing I’m not sold on is the ellipsis mark.
  • An exciting look at the new Letterform Archive coming to life.
  • Very loud applause for Kristy and the Made in the Future initiative.
  • This is the kind of public art I can get behind.