Through Lines 029

A stunning cover of the late Leonard Cohen’s “Avalanche” by Aimee Mann which apparently is the theme song for an HBO crime drama. I’ve had this in high rotation since I first stumbled on it. Available on all good streaming services, but even better, support artists by buying music.

  • A beautiful short film from the National Film Board of Canada, director Andrea Dorfman and poet Tanya Davis called How to Be at Home. I can’t help but sense an Eminem kind of rhythm throughout.
  • “Art is capable of answering a lot of questions; you can be in the presence of art and all of a sudden feel very still. You can grasp at meaning.” A fantastic interview with type designer (among many other things) Ksenya Samarskaya.
  • I totally missed the boat on the limited vinyl, so the digital release will have to do for Phoebe Bridgers’ Copycat Killer EP. Or at least until copies start showing up on eBay.
  • A sweet typographic companion to the recently launched English edition Jaroslav Benda monograph Kickstarter campaign.
  • A new Teenage Fanclub album? Ok then.
  • Majd and Jasper have made Darkroom into a truly quintessential iOS app — and now it’s available for the Mac too. Bravo!
  • Kris Sowersby has a new book coming (hopefully) on Kickstarter. Yes, please.
  • Oooooo Cooper Nouveau!
  • 2020 continues to be a downer. RIP Howie and Alex.