Through Lines 034

Tucker is one of my favorite Bay Area artists, not just because I like his work which I very much do, but because I’ve been able to see him work up close. He also just happens to be a genuinely astute and empathetic human being — qualities I value highly in people.

  • “If Slack, which improves a fundamentally flawed approach to collaboration, is worth tens of billions of dollars, imagine the value in fixing the underlying flaws.” ← A thousand times this.
  • The scale of the loss from the pandemic is at a scale that I think most cannot really picture in our minds. Maybe we need to put it in more understandable terms to get more people to take it as seriously as they should. Kottke pointed out that it’s like “10 fully-loaded passenger planes a day” in terms of raw numbers: a picture and a number most can comprehend and intimately feel.
  • A fresh approach to a climate-focused identity for the Climate Change Committee.
  • Amazing blackwater photography and incredible photos of a young transparent octopus. Wow!
  • An amazing LEGO recreation of Hokusai’s famous “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” woodblock print. His YouTube channel is a building masterclass too.
  • A truly chilling article from Adrienne Lafrance in The Atlantic. Doomsday, indeed.
  • Love the texture and color in this beautiful letterpress print from Richard Kegler.
  • Programming sucks. The title says it all.
  • Email a dumpster fire. Hilariously cathartic.
  • Fantasy dream job at ILM would be getting to make stuff like this.
  • Best book covers of 2020. A solid roundup.
  • Definitely one for my to read list.