Through Lines 037

It goes without saying that the past two days have been deeply troubling. In moments like this, I tend to find some kind of solace, or at least understanding, in music. Wilco’s “Ashes of American Flags” comes to mind, but equally the deeper cut — “Side with the Seeds” from the band’s 2007 Sky Blue Sky album. I hear the existential exhaustion and anger so many feel after four torturous years in this song, but also a glimmer of hope.

  • I didn’t expect an article from Rolling Stone to make me cry this week. But it’s been a year since Neil Peart died and that, on top of everything else, just plain hurts.
  • My heart grapples with this daily especially after what we’ve seen throughout the last several years. Required reading.
  • This thread from Dr. Neil Cohn analyzing Calvin and Hobbes strips over the years. Still the greatest comic strip by a country mile in my estimation. See also this post from The Washington Post reminiscing on the last strip on December 31, 1995.
  • A beautiful ode to newsletters, RSS, and the open web from Robin Rendle.
  • Michael Sorkin’s 250 Things an Architect Should Know. Most are equally applicable to all human beings of any particular persuasion. Note: read carefully and pay attention.
  • Freigeist proves that there’s still a little life left in new grotesque type families. Oozes character. Pun very much intended.
  • Gumroad’s approach is really interesting. I can’t imagine it would work for most organizations but “freedom at all costs” is an idea I can get behind wholeheartedly, especially in the configuration they’re working under.
  • The Book of Delights by Ross Gay is exactly the kind of book I need.
  • Mike’s got a new book. Cha-ching.
  • Oh, I get it now.