Through Lines 048

A curious and ultimately moving animated short film from Swiss director Pascal Schelbli about the enduring problems of plastics recycling.

  • This is fantastic news for Flickr, and most importantly the Commons project which is a hugely valuable and under appreciated resource available to all.
  • I’ve been fighting this problem of momentum at work for far too long with little success but, fingers crossed, I feel like I may have finally got a foot in the door to wake people up and turn it around.
  • Blocking off time this weekend to thoroughly read and absorb Molly Mielke’s excellent-looking Computers and Creativity essay.
  • Scott Pilgrim Saves the World is coming back to theaters for a 10th anniversary run on April 30th. A true gem this one, and gosh, I really miss going to the movies.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright architecture: check. Paper: check. A fun weekend project: double-check. Wishlisted for me.
  • Stuck at home? Miss visiting new places? Virtualtrips might be up your alley.
  • More pizzaz in groovy type form with Glaser Houdini.
  • 101 Design Rules from one who knows. Thanks for all of these Brian.
  • Even Seth agrees: NFTs are a trap, a bad one.
  • OMG this photo of a real honest to goodness black hole… wow!