Through Lines 049

I’m really looking forward to this film The Year Earth Changed from the BBC and airing on AppleTV in a few weeks. They had me at “narrated by David Attenborough.”

  • Years ago when I had a studio outside the house, books were a central fixture, so hearing about the new studio (maybe not the right word) Brian Collins is building is very exciting. Looking forward to visiting one day.
  • A great interview with smell-scientist Sissel Tolaas (who I had the great pleasure to spend a bit of time with back in 2018) over at the Creative Independent.
  • Visiting The Louvre in person may not be in the cards for a while still, but now you can view the entire museum collection online for the first time. Yes, the Mona Lisa too.
  • A beautiful piano-led performance of Pray It Away by Hannah Georgas with Matt Berninger from The National via The Line of Best Fit.
  • Many people are in for an unexpected surprise when their now decades old Postscript fonts stop working entirely in Adobe apps next year. TransType may be a workaround assuming individual font EULAs allow for this.
  • The Book Cover Archive is a fun way to spend some time, and another useful resource if you’re looking for good and interesting designers for projects.
  • A good week for new type with the release of the gorgeous Sculpin from Process Type. That lowercase r and those all caps italics… yowza!
  • Salter is another beaut from Lucas Sharp that feels both old and modern at once.
  • I tend to agree that The Rise of Skywalker was just fine. Have you seen Whedon’s version of Justice League? I rest my case.
  • “Physical space can’t be overestimated in terms of how you work on a daily basis.” We’ve all felt this over the last year with most of us trapped at home.
  • Who doesn’t appreciate a good gradation?