Through Lines 070

British comedian Sean Lock passed away this week. As a huge fan of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, Sean’s brilliantly off-kilter jokes and comedic timing have had me near tears many times. Susie Dent probably said it best. Rest In Peace.

  • Processing has a new website, a new app in beta, and is celebrating 20 years of visual arts driven coding. I dig the new identity system too!
  • I mean of course Nick is the admin of this Text on a Curve group on Flickr. Some lovely vernacular type to get lost in here. Hat tip to Robin for this one.
  • Whirly Birdie captures that midcentury advertising/cereal box type vibe. There’s something a little wonky about the top of the “S” in the Wide style though this might be an interpolation issue.
  • Michael Cina’s lovely new Plakate is really a beaut. Lots of nice details and particularly gets intriguing when the lightest styles enter the picture. Make sure to check out the 50 page specimen too!
  • The Commercial Type Vault is open! Unfinished and other works in progress typefaces from the last 17 years, all available for licensing. An interesting idea and one I’ll be keeping an eye on.
  • MY pal Tad has a new book out based on his Sunday Suns project that he’s been doing for (wow) 6 years now. Can’t wait to pour over this when my copy arrives.
  • I’m a bit clueless when it comes to Brandi Carlile despite a dear friend being a huge fan, but I can get behind both these Soundgarden covers.
  • MIke’s Mr. T collection is a thing to behold and I say that having seen at least a notable part of it in person. Mike’s a gem himself too.
  • As others have said about this article from The Atlantic about the future of remote work… it slams† indeed!

† I’m comfortable admitting that using the phrase “slams” in this context makes no sense to me but the kids seem to get it so… get off my lawn I guess?