Through Lines 090

I did one heckuva spit-take when the first episode of Peacemaker aired earlier this week. James Gunn is a genius, and as much as I never ever thought I would say this, I kinda like this John Cena guy. At least in this show.

Notable Type Releases

  • I’m digging Recipient from Process Type A LOT. I may not need another monospace family in my library but I’m sure I can find room for this beauty.
  • No. 3 Series Narrow from Road to Venice Type is another narrow serif I’ll be watching. A lot of charm in the little flag arm on the lowercase r.
  • Neil Summerour’s Air got a massive Pro upgrade this week with the release of Air Pro. An elegant, high-utility neo-grotesque packed full of little details and useful features.
  • It may not be hip, but the ubiquitous, elegant workhorse Minion from Robert Slimbach has been supercharged in version 3 with new features and language support for Greek, Cyrillic, Armenian, and IPA. I’ll always have a soft spot for Minion.