Through Lines 093

I was ready to be done with Batman movies after the Christopher Nolan trilogy, but Matt Reeves has me very intrigued with everything I’ve seen so far from The Batman.

  • It’s these kind of innovations in housing that need to be pushed through because so many could benefit from them beyond just the upper/middle-class.
  • I didn’t know that percussive maintenance was the actual name for legitimately fixing things by giving them a good thwack. It is often the only or best solution.
  • Do not miss this fabulous interview with Tré Seals, his story, and that of Vocal Type. There’s one little nugget in there that stopped me in my tracks.
  • “Watching extraordinary people do ordinary things is also just oddly gripping. I loved witnessing the workaday mundanity of The Beatles’ creative life.” Exactly. Get Back is truly fascinating and anyone who disagrees is missing the point.
  • File under another reason why I think LEGO is one of the great companies (and brands) around: donating specially-designed MRI Scanner sets to hospitals to help kids who have to undergo what otherwise can be a scary procedure.
  • A disaster “any way you cut it” — you don’t say?
  • My birthday is coming up soon.

Notable Font Releases

I almost could have done a whole issue of just new type releases last week but decided to save a few for this week instead.

  • Margot Leveque’s Ninna is one part sumptuous elegance and one part eccentric hipster yet it works. It captures the sort of floral character I’ve been seeing more and more of lately in other releases but I think one-ups them all.
  • Referenz Grotesk from Sudtipos feels like a real departure for the foundry with deep roots in European design history. The six weights and 14 styles are chock full of nice little details and unexpected surprises including a backwards N.
  • I will always have a soft spot for the original AW Conqueror release, but that already multidimensional continues to be refined and grow with the vastly expanded AW Conqueror Sans family.
  • PangramPangram’s Räder takes ideas from road signage which has to balance clarity with beauty and then pushes it all somewhere unexpected with high waisted letterforms and soft curves and rounded counters.
  • Comma Base from Martin Majoor brings all the sharp cuts to an interesting sans-serif, but maybe with some serif tendencies to the yard.
  • Mushy reminds me a lot of a project I worked on in 2017 up in Seattle. If it had existed then it probably would have made my life easier than it was at the time.