Through Lines 095

Let me just take a moment to bang that drum again — SCIENCE!

Notable Font Releases

  • Curses, that Marinovich fella has made another beaut. Go check out NuForm Sans.
  • Mmmm boy, Positype's new Dorset, designed by Léon Hugues sure is purty.
  • I saw the British influence in Colophon’s new Forme Grotesque immediately. This could be an ever-so-noticeably modern take on street signs across the UK.
  • Elena Genova has made a useful and interesting family with The Seasons that captures a little bit of that cool-right-now kind of vibe with something that might hold up many years from now. The italics are smooooooooth.
  • Oddity could be an homage to the classic American baseball script style yet entirely more delicate and elegant. Dig those wavy connected baselines.
  • Give me a behind the scenes of decisions that influenced wonderful and eclectic typefaces like Array from James Todd and I’ll give you my full attention.