Through Lines 096

Men, from personal favorite writer/director Alex Garland looks like it will be as creepy and weird as I would expect.

  • How a Book is Made. A very thorough visual essay from the New York Times.
  • I’m pleased with myself for having seen all but two of the films in this Best Sci-Fi Movies of the Last 15 Years list. One of those I’ve never heard of and many are genuine favorites like Colossal and Moon.
  • I’m no dancer, but the opening number from Peacemaker cracks me up every time.
  • This story about Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead is still cracking me up a week or so later. Really does take fake it til you make it to an entirely new level.
  • Add to the reasons I’m largely over social media as an outlet: You Think You're the Addict, but You're Really the Dealer. Stop and really think about this one.
  • The second paragraph says it all. Do more with less, and oh, half over half you need to continuously scale. The sick truth is that so much of that additional load are made of projects or tasks that are totally unnecessary.
  • More evidence of a trending idea about the need for less work from Karla Starr via Cal Newport and the contingencies we need to avoid burnout.
  • I’ve seen a near-to-life version of this firsthand.
  • That Night at Massey Hall. My bookshelf needs this.
  • I would like to live in one of these little paper houses. So charming!
  • Congrats, Debbie.

Notable Font Releases

  • I keep wanting to call it Lydia, but Flavia Zimbardi’s Lygia Sans has hit 0.2 status on Future Fonts with new Italics and additional language support. It reminds me of a bit more angular take on something like Roxy from Font Bureau. I dig it a lot.
  • Dejanire hits the right notes for me as a beautiful new family well suited to book work. The Jewel style would do well for a nice gilded drop cap too.
  • I’m finding myself increasingly enamored with the deluge of recent monospace typefaces. Olympe, revived from Olympia typewriters is no exception. I like those too.
  • I’ll always love Router, but the newish Kido sub-family of Atyp from Suitcase Type offers greater language support which is increasingly a good thing.
  • A moving story and a beautiful typeface.