Through Lines 101

I don’t remember how I first encountered Maggie Rogers (it wasn’t from the well-known Pharrell story but she’s one of those songwriters who hit all the right buttons for me both musically and lyrically.

  • The line “It’s all becoming a bit too much” astutely sums up the experience I’ve been having with work of late. This past week’s return to the office isn’t helping.
  • Oliver Latta’s opening sequence for the brilliant (please please please don’t butcher the ending…) AppleTV+ series Severance. So good.
  • The largest, more high-resolution image ever captured of the sun. Zoom in.
  • I am here for the return of landline phones, particularly the copper line hard-wired kind where the sound quality was impeccable unlike our digital equivalents which continue to be shockingly awful.
  • I feel a bit like The Mellon Foundation out-Meta’d Meta with their new branding from Pentagram. Definitely a bold, unusual direction full of personality, the opposite of most institutions of their ilk.
  • Remember kids, like your mother always said: if you don’t have anything nice to say… It's ok to keep your opinions to yourself. I suppose including this one.
  • Death by Powerpoint, quite literally. I’ll never forget seeing this all unfold live.
  • This may be an April fools story but how long until it’s real life?
  • I am 100% here for the Eames Institute of Infinite Curiosity.
  • You are not your job. Thanks for this Matthew.

Notable Type Releases

  • My old friend Dan released Easy Coast, a letterpress-inspired, loose, and flow-y display face. This would be a good choice for beer branding.
  • Undercase type’s Mausoleum takes its Art Deco origins and adds modern flair to end up with a design that works for text while heavier weights shine when used big. The subtle serifs on the thin weights are particularly elegant.
  • Also from Undercase and released through FutureFonts, Molydooker is a real oddball: a back slanted left-handed casual pointed brush script. I love it.
  • The soft but bold and square-ish forms in Rigidly from Brandon Nickerson give it a brick-like color when used in all-caps settings and character perfect for branding and signage.
  • Commercial Type is joining the recent run of narrow serif type families with Feature though this one has been around for a while, created originally for the NYT’s T Magazine and part of a larger type system.
  • Jewel Cut from Phillip Cheaney is a new faceted SVG color font, perfect for signage or adding luxurious flair to any design. Hat tip Doug Wilson.