Through Lines 103

George Stroumboulopoulos, a mainstay in the Canadian music world, in a wide-ranging and thoroughly enjoyable interview with Geddy and Alex from Rush on the 40th anniversary of their seminal 1981 album Moving Pictures.

Notable Font Releases

  • In-House International puts variable font-tech to good use their new angular display face Broker. Very fun. Much like.
  • Rockhopper from Jeremy Tankard explores the idea of cumulative swashes, a thing I’d never heard of until I read the release notes, but I do find its soft curves and solid structure pleasing to my eyes.
  • What Bw Fusiona may be missing in originality, I think it makes up for in breadth across a vast array of companion weights and styles. Workhorse is an apt description.
  • The sophisticated and complex Boutique from Millieu Grotesque, newly revised in 2022 is up there on my wishlist. I can’t say no to an idiosyncratic Didone, can you?