Through Lines 105

How could I not post this stunning animated work, The Universe in Verse | Part 9: Feynman’s Ode to the Wonder of Life from my friend Kelli Anderson and with a soundtrack featuring Yo-Yo Ma!

  • What does it mean to make art? “…the reverential way we speak about art invests the artist with a sovereignty akin to that of a monarch or even a god, unbound by the laws that rein in the rest of us.” Artists aren’t weighed down because they work harder than most — it’s part of the gig.
  • Only 200 copies are being pressed of the limited edition An Impossible Project Soundtrack LP. As someone who was physically present that room at the Sudbahnhotel that night, this is exactly how this music is meant to be heard.
  • I finally listened to the first single off Arcade Fire’s new album and after a couple albums that did nothing for me, based on The Lightning, they’re back to true form.
  • Based on the stunning trailer, I’m excited to see the full version of João Gonzalez’s animated Ice Merchants.
  • Mesmerizing macro video from Vadim Sherbakov. An “uncharted cosmos” as he astutely describes it.
  • A beautiful tribute to the late Dallas Good of The Sadies from Don Pyle of Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet. (Warning: Facebook link)
  • Yearning for Proof, a sensible and empathetically human-focused take on the real incentive for blockchain technologies from Douglas Rushkoff.
  • Happy 50th anniversary Polaroid SX-70.
  • Good advice.

Notable Type Releases

  • Layfort, a new Art Deco style typeface family includes a range of styles that to my eyes goes from elegant to eccentric with slightly unexpected counter shapes and little notches that become more evident at larger sizes.
  • Copperscript’s sharp flat nib downstrokes and gentle angular upstrokes and occasionally unusual connection shapes give it a unique, original flavor.
  • Crow Script seems so familiar but I’m not sure why, but I unquestionably want to make a zine using it — like right this very moment!
  • Karl Mono from Source Type along with its non-mono companion is begging to be a background character in a sci-fi movie.
  • Grilli Type is up to their crazy microsite shenanigans again with GT Planar.
  • Noto Emoji. Exactly what you think.

I’m a bit late with this past week’s issue due to travel and very long days up in the Seattle area. Publishing will resume as normal for this week.