Through Lines 106

Sharon Van Etten’s new We've Been Going About This All Wrong which was released today may be a new classic. I applaud her decision to withhold any singles to encourage listeners to experience the album in its entirety. It’s great and the unexpectedly disco track Mistakes feels like new territory for her.

  • Emily and I saw Feist’s Multitudes show last night at Stanford and it was a revelation in both the music and as a piece of performance art. Raw, unexpected, challenging, delightful, fun and deeply moving.
  • 1Password 8 graduated out of beta this week and I dare say they’ve proven that you can make an Electron-based app perform and feel as good as a conventional native Mac app. Bravo.
  • Confessions of a digital hoarder. This is all of us now. Time to admit it to yourself.
  • I’m a lot more bullish on the possibility for AR than VR but I still think something that will really have mass appeal and practically useful is many years away.
  • “Like you trained his father?” I’m so ready for Obi-Wan.

Notable Type Releases

  • I can’t help but see a lot of DJR’s Deco-styled Roslindale in CoFo Meteor but with reduced contrast giving it a softer, more voluminous character.
  • Alex Slobzheninov’s Weird Serif saw a version update this week. Its extremely high x-height and Didot-like features plus the, ahem, weird serifs, make it something special.
  • Anna Sing’s ORKYD is like letterforms viewed through a glass of jittery liquid, a fever dream, or maybe what happens if you tried to melt letterforms. Display sizes only.
  • Sharp Type’s not-quite-released-yet Ceraph somehow evaded my attention last week but wow, those extended swashes and ligatures!