Through Lines 107

I will sending this one to my daughter who’s a huge Harry Styles fan but doesn’t know a thing about Arcade Fire. See also an electrifying performance of The Lightning I and II from the band’s most recent album We.

Notable Type Releases

  • The Nice superfamily from Fontwerk (Jan Fromm) is… ahem… very nice. The sharp teardrop-like ears are striking and the inclusion of a Micro range of styles is chef’s kiss.
  • And on the other end of the visual and maybe practical spectrum we have Lithops from Velvetyne which I think you’ll agree is best used big.
  • Blaze Type’s new Taklobo isn’t going to win any awards for legibility at small sizes but it has a 1970’s psychedelic, reverse stress, organic funhouse mirror kind of vibe going on. I think I like it even though I’m not sure what I’d personally do with it.
  • I am here for Sharp Type’s new Humanist sans-serif revival/reinvention Ghost.