Through Lines 115

I love movies and the escapism they provide and I can’t imagine all the films I’ve seen in 40+ years that wouldn’t have been possible if not for the pioneering work of ILM.

  • “I’m very concerned that our society is much more concerned with information than wonder, in noise rather than silence. How do we encourage reflection? … Oh my, this is a noisy world.” Mr. Rogers has always known what’s up.
  • I can’t help but see a connection to the above and the new video for Headspace from Sharon Van Etten from her We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong album.
  • Humans are good at one thing: creating waste and not having the foresight to really think about the impact of that on individuals and our future. Trash on the moon or mars is another problem entirely.
  • This underwater housing for the Polaroid SX-70 is fascinatingly weird. It’s something I’d never seen or even heard of before, but definitely doesn’t seem all that practical.
  • Fire of Love, a documentary about a pair of volcano-obsessed scientists is going straight to the top of my watch queue.
  • I need to sit for a bit with these ideas on fierce focus from Matt Webb. I may also need to learn more about cricket.
  • Is it really Not Too Late to Save the Metaverse. Maybe, but I’m skeptical that it could ever be something driven more by human need than corporate greed.
  • The third annual 2022 Type Trends lookbook is out.
  • Color me excited to see these images from the JWST.
  • Maybe the crypto crash isn't all bad.
  • Hybrid work is doomed.

Notable Type Releases

  • I had a swoon moment as soon as I saw Schick Toikka’s Chap whose elegant tapered crossbars modernize the modulated sans serif grotesk popularized in the 1920s–50s.
  • DSType’s Escura adds an interesting axis to take an already expressive hybrid unicase design to the next level its treatment of swashes.
  • Sapfir from Blazefonts puts a very modern twist on what you might think of a blackletter with very rhythmic up and downstrokes and high contrast forms.
  • I missed highlighting Frame from Commercial Type last week which was originally drawn for Rapha, available in both headline and text varieties with a variable format to fill in the gap with axis for weight and optical sizes.