Through Lines 123

This delightfully fun but also anxiety inducing animated short, Kayak, provided the chuckles I needed today. The sound design throughout is also excellent.

  • Weird Al was one of my early musical favorites and I’ll always have a soft spot for his first few albums in particular, so I’m definitely on board for whatever the hell Radcliffe is up to in this movie.
  • The Humiliating History of the TSA. The first couple paragraphs of this piece on their own paint a pretty grim picture.
  • Gutenberg gets all the credit for the invention of movable type in printmaking, but science (and a particle accelerator) may yet prove that it’s undeserved.
  • “If Mark Zuckerberg was deluded enough to believe the metaverse was a worthwhile investment, then maybe I too could convince myself it was an effective way to take a mental vacation, if not a physical one.” Nope.
  • “The reduction of reality to information and humans to genotypes all-​too-​conveniently dovetails with capitalism’s imperative to render everything into a suitable form for the marketplace.” Rushkoff (as usual) nails it.
  • Despite the nearly $100 price tag, CSSScan looks quite handy.
  • The internet has made everything boring. When everything is a meme, it adds up.
  • The People's Graphic Design Archive got an upgrade this week.
  • Oh, tell me more

Notable Type Releases

  • Through his monthly Font of the Month Club releases DJR has again revisited Gimlet Sans and introduced a new collection of Optical Sizes which capitalizes on what he describes as “geometric clunkiness and organic spunkiness”.
  • Striated from Road to Venice Type mixes geometric and grotesque characteristics into something new. The e, d, and y… are highlights that really help this one shine.
  • TipoType’s new condensed neo-grotesque Gazetta adds a little visual personality to what otherwise might be a fairly standard release.