Through Lines 124

There are artists, and then there is Bjork who sits high above so many with her seemingly endless creativity and ability to reinvent herself. I find her imaginative vision endlessly fascinating.

  • Squaring the Circle, a documentary about famed design studio Hipgnosis from photographer Anton Corbijn is going on my watch list immediately.
  • At long last: a first trailer for Rian Johnson’s Glass Onion: A Knives Out Story!
  • Rogue One may easily be the best Star Wars film outside the original trilogy, perhaps because of its own rogue nature.
  • Sugar’s alt rock masterpiece Copper Blue turned 30 this week and hoo boy, that makes me feel old, but it also holds up very well.
  • The Tarantula Nebula, as captured by the James Webb Space Telescope. Incredible.
  • The Steve Jobs Archive from his widow (and apparently LoveFrom). Worth a visit if only for the introductory email Jobs sent to himself.
  • I felt a sense of genuine nerdy satisfaction setting up signed commits in Github through 1Password earlier this week.
  • We Are As Gods, a documentary about Stewart Brand, is finally available to watch on popular streaming services. Nice one Everett and co!
  • The sign painting community’s light is shining a little more dimly this week. I had the pleasure of meeting “Doc” briefly in 2015 and it was easy to see how hugely important he was to his students. RIP to a true legend.
  • Tsundoku, a new-to-me Japanese term that is so, so me. h/t @jw
  • RIP QE2, a constant amidst a world run amok.

Notable Type Releases

  • Littlebit’s 20 styles designed by Rudy VanderLans in 1985 go all the way back to Emigre #3 but have now been revived and expanded well beyond its humble origin.
  • How anyone can still produce a sans-serif workhorse like Hannes van Döhren’s new Match that feels both familiar and yet somehow fresh is incredible to me and yet here we are. It’s confident, sturdy, but still has a subtle warmth.
  • The lively strokes and notched serifs throughout Dainin Solis’ as-yet unreleased Azul are enchanting. Perfect for high-end packaging and branding.
  • The sharp crystal-like angles and elegant italics of Goldich hit all the right marks for me and perfectly capture its scientific backstory.
  • I was enticed by the weird Nouveau vibe of Monstera from Spaghetype the moment I laid eyes on it. I challenge you to not be also.