Through Lines 128

Rube-Goldberg to the extreme in the form of a useless mechanical LEGO model. Super impressive in its own right and a handy reference for making functional models.

  • This coworking space in Poland maybe pushes the boldness a bit too far, but there’s some nice touches. I’d mostly worry about getting vertigo in those meeting rooms.
  • Kirby 3.8 was released this week with a bunch of great new features, improvements, and bug fixes. One of the things I appreciate about Kirby is just how easy it is to stage and manage upgrades.
  • Werewolf by Night sounds like a fun yet bizarre solo entry into the Marvel cinematic universe and I am here for it. Perfect for a little weekend viewing.
  • The Bandit9 Nano looks like a sweet little futuristic e-scooter, in photos at least.
  • The Myopia Generation, required reading if this has ever even remotely crossed your mind because it’s likely that this problem will only continue to get worse.
  • The nature of what I do means I end up thinking a lot about company values, so the Browser Company’s Notes on Roadtrips is some good food for thought.
  • Plain Form, a new type foundry from Lucas Descroix will be one to keep an eye on.
  • Maybe it’s time to dust off your own personal site and escape the billionaire boondoggle. Why we don't need corporate social media.
  • Uh, no comment.

Notable Type Releases

  • Zetafonts has released Freitag, full of flared serifs, thick bottoms, deep inktraps (are there any other kind?), and, ahem, all the 70s vibes you can handle.
  • When Rizoma enters the room, you immediately notice it’s quiet elegance and classic beauty. And then you see the italics. Yowza.
  • PF Expo from Parachute Type is sharp as a tack. It’s touring the facility and picking up the slack. Those razor sharp features mean it’s no slouch indeed.
  • Selecta from Maxitype got the upgrade treatment and now adds italics to its already impressive grotesque weights. I’m quite happy just to stare at the visualization of the weights all overlaid on each other if I’m being honest.
  • And now for something completely different… Optimo’s blobby, eccentric, and definitely otherworldly new release aptly named Void.