Through Lines 141

A fab hour-long performance from Seattle's Deep Sea Diver, a great post-holiday gift.

Notable Type Releases

  • Including support for Latin, Cyrillic and Greek languages, Tekst includes 3 distinct varieties — A, D, and M for Analog (print), Digital (screen) and M (mono, works everywhere) and loads of decorative pictograms. Delightful!
  • Neue Television from Nice to Type feels like a beautiful piece of retro magic. Definitely want to find a reason to license this for something. Seems like it’s made for lenticular printing which coincidentally I’ve been researching recently…
  • DSType released Vinco, a reinterpretation of Morris Fuller Benton’s Clearface in Display, Title, and Text styles with a particularly fresh feeling panache.
  • The high contrast urban, industrial Min Sans Stencil hit 1.0 status on Future Fonts.
  • Glyphtic DJR Lowercase is the January 2023 Font-of-the-Month release with deep historical roots and victorian charm.