Through Lines 149

Dummer Darren Jessee may prove to be the real MPV from Ben Folds Five. He’s released a consistently good catalogue of music, including Wild Ascending Blue, a third single from his forthcoming Central Bridge release.

Notable Type Releases

  • DJR’s Megascope v2 upgrade brings a new series of weights from Thin to Bold to the already 1970s Deco-inspired geometric sans along with a new “Scope” axis that changes the size of the circular elements within the design. Very, very cool.
  • Family from Klim modernizes the idiosyncratic father-and-son-designed Clearface and reimagines it as an everyday family brimming with nice details and considered characteristics. Of course, don’t miss the deep dive on Family's design process.
  • You know who makes good type? James Todd does. And the ten years in the making neo-grotesk Parabolica is no exception with multiple optical sizes and chock full of smart details that make it a beautiful all-purpose workhorse type family.
  • I want to rock with Roko (sorry) from Nuform Type (Erik Marinovich) with its tight spacing and curvy 60s and 70s vibes (in 5 weights no less). The lowercase r and f that bend around other curved characters… c’mon, so good.
  • Arillatype.Studio’s At King brings an old style sharp serif face to the 21st Century with a variety of alternate characters well-suited for editorial, branding, or packaging uses.
  • Meant first for long form editorial work, Chassi-L from R-Typography caught my eye with its flowing teardrop terminals and sumptuous italics.
  • Quaria Display from Rene Bieder has the calm, sturdy sensibility of a sans serif but in a pin-sharp, elegant flared serif package. It has a certain “je ne sais quoi,” but I like it.
  • Negatif is like a blackletter had a fight with a pile of rocks… It’s raw, chunky, and highly sculptural in its forms — and definitely best set tight.