Through Lines 150

These renderings by Alain Biet of everyday junk drawer items transformed into a mesmerizing visual symphony is genuinely magical and out of this world.

Notable Type Releases

  • Shantell Sans is a new open-source 5 axis variable marker style typeface based on artist Shantell Martin’s loose, highly gestural artistic approach. Includes a great behind-the-scenes process story as well.
  • DSType’s now 15-year old Prelo (new to me) received a hefty Pro upgrade now with an expanded character set and support for Greek and Cyrillic. Modern and with a little bit of a tech kind of vibe, this looks like a solid workhorse family of weight and styles.
  • Margaret Neue from Cinketype takes inspiration from Zoltán Nagy’s Margaret which dates back to 1960s Hungary. It ticks all the boxes for me and I’m excited to see it develop further — particularly with the future inclusion of a matching cursive.
  • Neural from ECAL Typefaces had me befuddled initially. It’s weird and initially felt incomplete. It may yet be, but after looking at it, I think it may just take a moment to see the patterns in its unusual forms.
  • Clothilde Bouan’s Niki is stoic, rhythmic, and has a chunky brick-like density with narrow counters, tight spacing. Definitely meant for use at large sizes.
  • Twista almost looks like bent neon tubes merged with Escher-like illusions while managing to maintain high readability.
  • I somehow missed DSType’s Apice in 2022 which infuses an almost mechanical yet still elegant rhythm into this connected script with multiple optical sizes.