Through Lines 155

I suspect most of my American friends will not know Hayden, but he’s been a Toronto staple for me since the 90s. The video for this unexpectedly upbeat third single from his new album Are We Good features not just Leslie Feist, but also Steve Buscemi and The National’s Matt Berninger.

Notable Type Releases

  • The East London origins of the lettering from Hackney Village formed the basis of the versatile, ornamental Vilaage whose styles range from a light sans through a bold slab with generous proportions and a distinctive drooping crossbar.
  • Borel is Rosalie Wagner’s highly rational, upright connected script typeface aimed at French primary schools. Although I might say this is utilitarian, it also has a particular charm to it that wouldn’t surprise anyone if it was used as a logotype.
  • HAL Twins owes its origin to the 1960s design of Gemini by Franco Grignani. Its stark contrast and idiosyncratic industrial charm signals technology and perhaps also architectural building blocks.
  • The sweetly delicious curves of Positype’s Ice Cream scream summer. Dollop might have been a good alternate name for it.
  • Chikoria from Cast Type Foundry is a delightfully jaunty, disconnected display script typeface whose characteristics are built on calligraphic traditions and tools.