Through Lines 156

I’ve never fully managed to crack the early music of Pink Floyd to the same extent as their later music, but I’m intrigued to see if Have You Got It Yet?, the forthcoming film about original bandleader Syd Barrett helps unlock that for me.

Notable Type Releases

  • Octagon Variable offers a fun, quirky (and open-sourced) faceted typeface from HAW/Finkenau in Hamburg. A release from their first year type design class under the tutelage of Prof. Pierre Pané-Farré and Simon Thiefes.
  • Full of panache and steeped in traditional Italian history, Sudtipos’ new Grappa captures the aromatic essence of wine in a very packaging-friendly design featuring a wide range of alternates and distinctive form.
  • Maxitype’s Signs crosses the between minimal and maximal with a heavy duty one-two punch of regular and rounded styles. Looks great packed tightly too.
  • Womprat is the typeface you’re looking for. I’m very pleased to see there’s a Aurebesh companion which otherwise would have been a notable miss.
  • Pasta Font, an “experimental explorations in how pasta shapes can translate into text.” What else is there to say?