Through Lines 157

Another full moon and another new track from Peter Gabriel’s forthcoming i/o release called Four Kinds of Horses. This one seems like a bit of a slow burner, but he’s set a high bar with the previous four songs. These unexpectedly humble behind-the-scenes videos along with the in-depth ones he’s produced for each song are fantastic.

Notable Type Releases

  • The internet’s most popular sans-serif — Proxima Nova from Mark Simonson just hit version 4.0 adding Wide and Extra Wide styles along with other changes throughout.
  • Colophon Foundry’s new Robin is described as an almost drop-in replacement for Arial, omething I can hardly imagine anyone wanting, but it feels refined, modern, and distinctive and neutral equally. I find it quite successful in fact.
  • Scribo may be one-of-the (if not the most) natural handwriting typefaces available due to its ability to contextualize character placement throughout its five styles.
  • The soft rounded curves of Optic are like tumbled rocks — naturally sturdy yet warm and inviting. Perfect for branding, packaging and posters.
  • Joc Display’s inline shapes have a child-like playfulness suggesting a maze or jungle gym. It’s still early in development but suggests an interesting journey.