Through Lines 159

It’s been a while since we’ve seen something new from Gareth Edwards. The Creator looks like it might make that wait worth it.

Notable Type Releases

  • Potch Auacherdkul’s Glazier released through Positype is a real cracker full of sharp contrast and jaunty, angular italics that are more sprinting than walking fast. I find myself particular drawn to the light styles which feel modern yet let the family’s historical inspiration shine.
  • MD System, a venerable Grotesque workhorse already, saw a further expansion with a new sub-family of mono styles. Modern, versatile, and yet still warm and just enough personality to avoid being another Helvetica.
  • Vitruv Display from Studio René Bieder aims to “unite ideal proportions, combining elegance and warmth with sturdiness and versatility.” I’d say this one succeeds very well through it’s elegant, shapely curves and crisp, architectural angles.
  • The original random font, LTR Beowolf engineered by Just van Rossum and Erik van Blokland in 1989 is back baby! This time you don’t have to wait until you print to see what you’re going to get.
  • Inspired by “desiccated monuments,” and gravestones, East of Rome’s Relic is meant to be used large for titles or viewed from a distance. The inclusion of Arabic support along with Cyrillic uniquely makes it stand out.
  • I do like a nice, tightly spaced and condensed serif face such as Flavia Zimardi designed with her release of Jobim. Definitely for large settings.
  • Mota Italic’s Maku has apparently been around since 2017 and updated in 2021, but caught my eye this week as a very good option for natural looking handwriting.