Wayz and Gooses

I took quite a few photos while I was in Two Rivers, WI at the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum — this is just a small sampling. Many of these were taken on the first day while I was quietly wandering around the building soaking up the vibe or during the “Indiana Jones” tour with my friend Dan Rhatigan who was also instrumental in my invitation to the event as a keynote speaker.

The Hamilton sign
There's no cure
Days without a lost time accident
Hamilton on press
Torn layers
Shelves of large wood poster blocks
Me and Jenny Wilkinson
Grand ball type lockup
Split baseball player print from Hatch Show Print
Poster blocks in the warehouse
The Hamilton Mfg. Co print
You can't call them mistakes if they're planned
Warehouse of wood type blocks

Henrique Nardi’s official event photos are available now on Flickr now including a few choice selects of yours truly during my slide-less keynote and of all the other fantastic speakers and keynotes — and much more.

I already can’t wait to return for the next Wayzgoose which is already scheduled for November 3–5, 2023.