About Facebook

As part of the Communications Design team in 2013, I led the creative and user experience for a project to bring together a myriad of consumer-facing product sites under a single point of entry. At the time, there was no central place for consumers to learn about the value of Facebook products and apps or demonstrate how they worked together to form a greater whole.

During this project, myself, designer Danny Jones, and photographer duo Chris and Sarah from We Are the Rhodes traveled to Argentina to direct a week-long photoshoot covering two different casts and across multiple locations throughout Buenos Aires. The resulting photography was utilized throughout the microsite and across other product releases beyond this project.

Photo selects by We Are The Rhodes, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2014.

To demonstrate our vision and illustrate the use of motion throughout this microsite to executive leadership, we built and presented numerous interactive prototypes using Quartz Composer and Framer. This enabled rigorous experimentation and simplified working with engineering to build the final experience.