Artist in Residence Season 3 Catalog

The third season of Facebook’s Artist in Residence program was perhaps the final one as a traditional residency program where artists worked alongside employees within the company to produce large-scale site-specific installations. This catalog marks a period of change within the company and a point in time where the program began to take roots internationally beyond its origins in Menlo Park, California.

Facebook AIR Catalog Season 3

Along with program founder Drew Bennett, I designed the form of the catalog, contributed photographs, and acted as editor in response to the previous season: humble, engaging, and tactile. The form required people to fully immerse themselves in the content — spreads had to be separated and unfolded to be experienced.

Each of the nine artists featured were given a single, folded loose leaf sheet — the equivalent of 8 pages in a traditional book — to capture their final project, process, and for the first time, reproduce one or more of the prints they created in the Analog Lab during their residency.