Designer in Residence Program

Between 2016 and 2020, I oversaw and curated the design-focused residency program within the Analog Research Lab. Established to add an increasingly diverse set of creative voices into the studio’s output, the program offered access to new tools, processes, and mentorship over periods ranging from 4 weeks to 3 months.

Alex Bowman and her laser-cut acryllic installation
Riso print by Alex Bowman
Alex Bowman sketching in SF
Ashwin Chacko and his painted sculptural figures
Early spread from the Support Report book
Real life content engagement installation by Bill Rebholz
Original gouache paintings by Bill Rebholz
We Still Have Time print by Cody Blocker
Cody Blocker printing
Monica Garwood painting outdoors in Menlo Park
Monica Garwood examining screens
Engulfed print series by Monica Garwood
Darius Ou preparing to make a screen
Joseph Alessio and laser-cut mirrored installation
Laser-cut mirrored installation
Laser cutter preparation
Prints by Joseph Alessio
Early sketches from Joseph Alessio
Kyuha Shim interview in the Analog Lab
Emoji Buttons by Kyuha Shim
Composed zine by Kyuha Shim
Hanging prints with Pearl Shen
Pearl Shen sketching in building 20 in Menlo Park
Pearl Shen printing
Pearl Shen sketching
Keeep Looking Forward and other Risograph prints
Elana Schlenker and Ryan Johnson
Group critique session
Riso prints by Ryan Johnson
Ryan and Elana collaborating
Reviewing work with Ryan Johnson and Elana Schlenker
Rainbow roll squeegee
Final print in a series by Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson cleaning a squeegee
Crowd Risograph test print
Risograph test  prints by Ryan Johnson
Always in Bloom print by Sabrena Khadija
Keep Growing Risograph prints by Sabrena Khadija
Sweeping Risograph print by Steve McCarthy
Picnic print by Tara O'Brien
Tara O'Brien drawing

More than 40 designers, illustrators, and printmakers were invited to participate in the program which during it’s initial 4-year run, expanded from California to New York, Dublin, London, and Singapore. This global growth offered access to an entirely new cohort of potential participants. Their work spanned a broad range of mediums and materials — Risograph and silkscreen prints, books, zines, pins, elaborate visual campaigns, large-scale painted and sculptural installations, workshops, and more.

In addition to defining strategy and curatorial research for the program, I provided creative direction and project support for designers throughout their residencies. As the program expanded to other lab spaces in North America and Europe, we developed new processes to offer remote critique and collaboration.

Beginning in 2018, we produced a series of award-winning mini-documentaries of the designers with our friends at Hello Design, Arcade Films, and Landucci Films.

Alumni of the Designer in Residence program at the Analog Research Lab include: