Err/or Mural

Errors are part and parcel with making things of any kind. In old French (errer) it also means “to wander”. Mistakes, errors, glitches or whatever you want to call them aren’t always something to be taken as inherently bad. Instead, they can be the best learning moments and a window to unexplored possibilities.

ERR/OR Mural
ERR/OR Pattern Mural
A companion mural down the hall from the ERR/OR installation.

The word “error” in this mural outside the Analog Lab in Facebook’s San Francisco office is meant as a pun — to point out the glitches in the rendering, in the imperfectness of something hand-painted, and also how the division in the word acts as an open-ended question itself.

The companion mural added down the hall and which greets visitors to the floor offers a different take — the sweeping motion of disruption: sometimes beautiful, sometimes unpredictable, or even dangerous in how it can mesmerize us so the real effects escape our view.