Everything You Love is Here

An answer to Earth Week in the middle of a global pandemic

Everything changed on March 6th, 2020 when Earth Week plans were completely upended and this project needed to be completely rethought. The original brief aimed to create urgency around the cascading effects of humanity’s impact on our planet and invite those conversations through art, a group of artists and designs from different parts of the world, and sustainable creative practice.

Everything You Love is Here poster
Programming teaser for Earth Week activities on Instagram and Facebook.

That pivot resulted in a simple message aimed more at a sense of togetherness, something that felt urgent in a time when people needed to remain physically distant. It needed to feel approachable, warm, and personal for a time when people were unsettled and scared.

The original poster design didn’t change much from my earliest sketch beyond different message phrasings and various changes to the lettering. The intentionally loose illustration of the Big Blue Ball was essentially the first version, but expanded to include global variations as it became an anchoring element across the larger program that developed.